Training Courses

XDTech – Unisim® Design and HYSYS™ Training Courses:

Although simulation is a science, process modeling is an art. It takes a lot more than a week-long training course to produce a competent process modeling engineer. More and more corporations are realizing the importance of process simulation in the life cycle management of a process plant; and building in-house team of simulation engineers. Proper training is the pivot of maximizing the ROI from the investments made in building these teams. We offer a full range of training courses – from beginners to highly advanced- to meet all your training needs. You can choose a program that reflects your vision for process simulation in your organization. In other organizations, often, the least knowledgeable persons with questionable academic records are assigned the role of an instructor. All our training courses are conducted by instructors with unquestionable credentials.

Course Duration Certification Level Description
XDT-100 5 days Bronze Steady State Process Modeling
XDT-200 5 days Silver Steady State Process modeling
XDT-300* 2-5 days Gold Steady State Process Modeling
XDT-400 15 days Bronze Dynamic Process Modeling
XDT-500 10 days Silver Dynamic Process Modeling
XDT-600 10 days Gold Dynamic Process Modeling

All these courses are offered either at your site or in our training centre at London, Ontario.
* These are short (2-5 days) courses. Each course is targeted towards modeling a specific process unit.

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